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Whe it comes to vehicle service and maintenance, the transmission system is usually ignored until there is a major problem. In most cases people notice their vehicle is not running properly, but ignore the problem with the hope that the symptoms will work themselves out. Brentwood Transmission & Auto Repair Center wants you to take care of your transmission service and repair, because problems may start out small, but get worse over time.
The following symptoms may indicate a problem with your transmission:

  • Failing or delaying when shifting- Normally, the transmission is designed to hold effortlessly in each gear and shift at predetermined times and speeds.

  • When shifting you notice a thumping, lagging or lugging- Unusual noises coming from the transmission indicates a problem internally with parts working together.

  • Red, pink or brown puddles under your vehicle- This indicates that you have a transmission fluid leak and is something that you should not ignore. This could be a minor problem or major. But maintaining the correct fluid level properly cools the transmission and helps to lubricate the moving parts internally.

  • Your vehicle fails to move, but the engine is running- Indicates that you have a transmission problem and contact Brentwood Transmission and discuss the situation with a technician. In some cases the vehicle fails to move when cold, but improves once the vehicle warms-up. It would be a good idea to discuss this problem with a technician before attempting to drive it.

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